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Welcome to the Ancient Lakes Brewing Company where we are passionate about making beer and work hard to brew beers that look good, smell good and taste good! Our brewery is located in Quincy, Washington. We were founded in August, 2010 by three families from the Quincy area. We started brewing on a converted keg system yielding 11 gallons per batch.

In 2014, we had made the decision to get bigger due to the fact that we couldn't keep up with the demand. We tried to find funding, but had trouble achieving the level we needed for our goals. The partners decided to put everything on hold and close..

In late 2017, talks began and a plan was made to reboot the brewery. Thanks to the Jones family and one of the original founders, Ancient Lakes Brewing Company returned in mid-2019!

We produce10 barrel batches on our brand new steam brewhouse. Each batch takes three to four weeks from brew-day to packaging-day. At the moment, we "package" in 1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs and, a few styles, in 16 oz. cans.

We brew 12 "everyday" beers; Lar's, Quincy Gold, Hoppy Jack, Fossilhead, Silk, Good Daze, I-90, Antler Dance, Small Town, Potholes, Steamboat, and Tripel. Our seasonal beers at the moment are Waes Hail, for winter and Cherry Bomb, for summer. We plan to bring back our popular barley wine Tribulation in late 2020. For more information please see "Our Beer."

We self distribute our beer to bars, pubs, stores, and fine eating establishments in Washington. We also sell our beers directly to consumers. Please visit "Our Clients" page to find our beer in your area.


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