We receive many requests for charitable donations and to host charitable events that range from gift cards and merchandise to beer and Taproom space rentals. While we would truly like to help all of the wonderful groups, organizations and causes that approach us, it simply is not feasible to do so. For that reason, we’ve created the following policies and process to help us evaluate which organizations and causes that we donate to. Please review these guidelines and fill out the following form.

Our policy…

All charitable donation requests must be made at least three weeks out from the date of the event. Requests made in less than three weeks out will be declined automatically.  Please do not fill out the form if your event is within the next three weeks.

We do not donate or contribute to:

  • High School Auctions or Functions – As a craft brewery, we are strongly against under aged drinking and don’t believe that beer and kids are a good fit for us.
  • Church Organizations – We respect the beliefs of people from all faiths but choose not to contribute to organizations or events of a religious nature.
  • Political Organizations – We are a politically neutral company and choose not to contribute to organizations or events of a political nature.
  • If your event matches these guidelines, then fill out the following form. We will take a look at your request and get back with you soon. Thanks!

Beer and Merchandise Donation Guidelines:

For Beer Donations, if you are serving our beer, you will need to have the following:

  • If the event is opened to the public, we need a copy of the special events permit.
  • All donated beer MUST be picked up at the brewery
  • We request that you sign a waiver when picking up the beer.
  • We will need written permission from accounts (bars and restaurants) that we distribute to before the beer can be brought into the account

For Merchandise or Gift Cards Donations:

  • Amount of Gift Card
  • How Gift Card will be utilized (silent auction, part of a gift basket, prize, etc.)
  • Type and quantity of merchandise

Fill out this form completely. When finished, click the submit button once to send it to our committee for processing. Your application is not submitted to us until you click submit.

General Information
Contact Information
Organization Information

Event Information :
  1. Your event must be at least three weeks in the future. We will decline events which are within the next three weeks.

Venue Information